Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ribbon Holder

I found this online a couple weeks ago and thougt it was such a good idea that I thought I would blog about it.

Do you have spools of ribbon laying around taking up space that you don't technically have? I know I do. Well this is a solution to free up some space and feel a little more organized.

The supplies you will need.
clothes pins, sandpaper, straight pins and ribbon

The sand paper is for the rough edges that the clothes pin might have that the ribbon might get caught on. You may not even need it. I bought my clothes pins at the dollar store, I think there were 25 or 30 in a package.

Step #1

Start by placing your ribbon between the opening on the cloths pin.

Step #2

Then twist your ribbon around the clothes pin.

Step #3

Finish by putting a straight pin the the ribbon holding it in place.

Step #4

Place in basket or clear jar.

The blog I saw had then organized according to color in some clear canisters. Personally I just use these baskets. Only because I don't have the clear canisters, I will be searching for some at yard sales this year though. The only down fall that I have found to this is that you have to dig for the ribbon you want. For me.....its worth it to have to dig to save some space.

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