Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life at the Enmans

Well life is very hectic these days in the Enman household. Let me explain myself....

First of all, Bailey is about 15 weeks old now. She has grown 4 inches in 5 weeks. She is getting very tall, very fast. I think that Abby is acting out because of the puppy though. She is getting into everything lately. We are trying to figure things out with her.

Second...My mom and dad went on vacation for 3 weeks to see family. As most of you know my parents help me out everyday with my daughters. This was the first week of them being gone. I work from home for half a day in the mornings so that I can get the girls off to school. Then I go into work until 5(mainly to see what paperwork I may have from my underwriters on my desk).
I am taking a insurance class on Tuesdays at 4:30. Therefore on Tuesdays I stay home all day and work from there. Its a little easier doing that. I think I have everyone possible helping me that will and can. I told my mom that she can't leave for a three week vacation anymore. She just laughed at me! The kids are learning alot of responsiblity this way though. Both of them have been very helpful!

I do have a highlight in all of this....I finally got caught up on all my laundry. With some help from my husband and Taylor of course. Its all washed, it just needs to be put away(I think that falls on me now). It will come, I hope!

Well I better go and get some more work done. I will try to keep you all posted on my hectic life within the next 3 weeks. If I survive.........