Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bailey at 5 months

Well I thought I would give a quick update on our baby.....Bailey.

She is getting so big now. She is as tall as Abby, we just measured her yesterday. We didn't get the exact height on her because she wouldn't sit still.

She is still lots of fun and oh sooo cute! She is like have a little kid running around. She really loves her ropes that she chews on. She has chewed through 2 in the last 3 months. I just bought her a new one. I am hoping it might last a while. The girls picked it out, it is pink and white. She loves to go in the back yard and chew on wood. She has the block of wood that she just loves. She keeps trying to bring it in the house and we won't let her. This is kindof a cute story, I just have to tell you. When we put her in her kennal at night and before we go somewhere, we always take a treat down with us to get her to go in her kennal. The other day Carl and I had to go to a funeral. I was already down stairs so I decided I would just call her down and put her in her kennal and then we could leave. Well she came running down stairs and before I could get the door open on the kennal she smelt of my hand and realized that I didn't have a treat and took off up stairs. I had to get her a treat to get her to go back to her kennal. It was kind of funny!

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