Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update on Bailey

Well despite the few accidents that we have had. We still love Bailey just as much, if not more as the day we got her. She is having fewer accidents in the house. She is getting the idea that she is suppose to be going outside to go potty. Abby is even beginning to like her around. She plays with her a little more everyday. Bailey doesn't whine much when we put her in her kennel at night to sleep now. She is so much fun to have around! She just adds so much more excitement to the house. She loves to play with anything or anyone. (Typical puppy I guess.) I even noticed that she is starting to enjoy her food a little more. She doesn't scarf it down like she is starving to death.

Carl and the girls measured her on the wall the first day that we got her to watch how much and how fast she grows. She has already grown 1/2 an inch in 4 days. That is amazing!

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  1. Hang in there. When you are about ready to give up she will stop having accidents.

    When Nuk was a baby I hung a bell by the door and taught him to ring it when he wanted to go out. (that way I wouldnt forget to take him, causing the yucky indoor accident). We had the bell on ribbon by the door until we had him a year and I was confident he was past accidents.