Sunday, January 4, 2009


This afternoon we Barbequed steaks on the grill. Yes that is right. Nothing will stop us from grilling, not even a little bit of cold weather. It was only 18 degrees this afternoon, and that was the high! Sorry I did not get pictures of carl out at the barbequer. So our thought was that after we had dinner and watched a movie, we would make smores on the grill. Its really easy as long as you have foil and a hot grill. Well by the time Carl got back from the store with the graham crackers the grill was no longer hot, and I realized I was out of foil and didn't have him buy any. So we opted to try to make the smores in the oven. I put the graham crackers on a baking sheet. I then placed the chocolate on top of the cracker and placed a marshmellow on top of that. We put them in the oven on broil high, and watched them cook!
When you take them out you smash the top cracker on top of them and let them cool for just a few minutes. They turned out perfect!!

They are still just as messy, but taste just as good!

We even got Cheyenne to eat one! She usually opts to have the smore not cooked and separated on a plate. She didn't finish it though. She got really messy and decided that she was done with it. Nothing that a little stain remover won't fix! I hope.......


  1. Cool It's nice to know that some one really knows what A bbq grill is for in winter we tend to store food in it if we are going to have a party or if we have stuff that won't fit into our fridge...It works really well so long as you don't forget you put food in there. and then next spring you find it! LOL
    And smores yum I think I will try oven smores very soon with the kids, only Elyssa is like Chey She wants it all separate. Funny girls.

  2. I love that you started blogging. I actually feel apart of things!