Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jeff Dunham

My brother loves Jeff Dunham! He has all his videos now(just got 2 for christmas from my parents). He has really got me hooked on him. He is pretty funny! For those of you that don't know who Jeff Dunham is, I will help clue you in. He is a ventiliquist, he has several puppets. First there is my favorite, Peanut, he is a purple woozle. My second favorite is, Achmed the Dead Terrorist. He also has Melvin, the super hero, Bubba J, the redneck, Jalepeno on a stick and Walter. I love Peanuts laugh and Achmed's famous saying "I Kill You."
So for Christmas this last year, My sister-in-law surprised us with tickets for his upcoming show. The show was this last Thursday, Jan 22nd. I was looking forward to this show ever since the day that I found out we were going. It was sooo much fun!! I've heard most of the jokes before, but you still laugh at them. Love his whole act, even guitar guy (he's his opening act). It was a really fun evening! Thanks Jerry and Shauna!!!
I will include a link to his web page incase you would like to check out more of him.

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