Friday, January 2, 2009

Meet Bailey!

Meet Bailey!!

Isn't she adoreable! Last night Carl was looking online and saw this cute little puppy on ksl for free. No we were not actually looking for another dog. But we really felt that it was just meant to be in our family. She is a 10 week old, German Shorthaired Lab. They are considered a hybrid dog. She currently looks like a minature Abby.

So far she is very obedient. We have had a very good start on the potty training so far. She whines alot when she is put in her kennel. I don't think she likes it very much. She will have to get use to it though. She is fun to have so far! She has adapted to the family very quickly.


  1. Soooooo cute! Love little Bailey! (& the blog!)

  2. Very cute! I actually saw this little puppy on the KSL free ads last week and I thought that I would opt for the free books instead of the free dog. so right now I have a pile of about 200 books instead of a pile of puppy poo in my living room.... Each to their own I guess. but seriously good luck with the puppy, she is way cute.

  3. By the way you did not tell me you started a blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What's with that??????????????????
    I only stumbled upon it by checking shauna's blog.
    I am hurt, OH the pain!
    Loves, S
    I will be stalking you regularly.